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EnviroClear Water Filters Perth are the only filtration systems that fully protect WA Families.

Thousands of smart Perth residents are now protecting their health with Whole House Filters.

Should you do the same?

Is Perth’s tap water now harming you?

NEW Science Warning:

Perth’s Tap Water May Be Damaging Your Health

Watch the controversial video where we reveal the truth about Perth’s drinking water – and why YOU might need a whole house water filter sooner than you think!

EnviroClear’s 3-Stage

Purity Testing

Our tech visits and tests your water with scientific laboratory-grade equipment.

You get a copy of your test results. Know EXACTLY what’s going on.

Discuss tailored affordable solutions with ZERO obligation if required.

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Why talk to EnviroClear?

MAN ON A MISSION: Russell Hesse’s EnviroClear now provides the world’s best Australian-Made whole home filtration systems to Perth homeowners who are serious about protecting and enhancing their health.


EnviroClear CEO, Russell Hesse, was the original founder of Auto Masters in 1975.

Auto Masters were the first workshops in WA to invest in and routinely use in-house purified water to protect customers radiators and batteries.

About the same time, Russell noticed the energy boost and mental clarity he got from drinking the same high-quality filtered water he was using in customers cars. He was a convert!


After leaving Auto Masters, in 2003, Russell consulted to the Water Corporation of WA. He introduced them to a natural, eco-friendly waste water treatment method that would cost much less than other systems available at the time.


After his experiences in water filtration, and years of research into the subject, Russell finally started EnviroClear Water Filters. Our purpose? To provide the hghest quality, best-value, Australian-made water filtration systems for Perth homeowners at the fairest possible prices.




  • Our bodies are 70% water
  • The human brain is 75% water
  • Blood is 92% water.
  • Muscles are 75 % water
  • Bones are 22% water

Maximum health means consuming only the purest, safest water while drinking and bathing.

What if my water is unhealthy?

If our testing proves your water is unhealthy, we’ll discuss a tailored, cost effective complete home filtration solution for your needs.

There is no obligation to you.

We will ensure you get the best impartial advice based on your circumstances.

whole house water filter
whole house water filter


… makes you dependent on inferior, expensive health solutions.

No amount of medicines, supplements, organic body wash, organic produce, exercise or healthy eating can make up for it.

whole house water filter


…is the true foundation of health.

Glowing health and long life starts with the quality of the water you’re drinking and bathing in.

Very often, the best solution for peace of mind is a ‘set-and-forget’ whole house filtration system, like the ones provided by EnviroClear.

whole house water filter

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