About EnviroClear

About EnviroClear


Russell Hessé

Russell first got involved in commercial water filtration nearly 40 years ago. He purchased one of the first commercial reverse osmosis water filter systems in Perth for use in his first successful business, the Auto Masters Group (which he founded in 1975, and grew into many locations with 128 staff).

At first, the purified water was used to protect customers from needing to replace or repair radiators and batteries too often. But he soon enjoyed the taste of pure drinking water and decided to purchase a reverse osmosis unit for his home. After a while he noticed the extra energy and clarity he had just from drinking high-quality filtered water. He was a convert!

After retiring from Auto Masters, Russell later showed the WA Water Corporation a new, natural and ecologically-friendly method for treating unfiltered waste water. The method he discovered was a special biological process which could treat water more cheaply, naturally and efficiently than the Water Corporations standard methods, reducing the chemicals they needed to use.

Later, when he owned cafes and restaurants all over Perth, Russell understood that coffee and cooked food always tastes better when made with pure, filtered water. (As a side benefit, it also protected all his expensive equipment from having to be replaced too often due to horrible limescale buildup and chemical corrosion from tap water).

Finally, Russell has brought all his expertise of water filtration into founding a new company, EnviroClear Water Softeners Perth. He’s decided to come out of retirement because he has seen, first hand, how much worse Perth tap water quality has become in just the last few years, and he is determined to finally do something about it.